Hiring is difficult.


Find a resume that looks like a fit? Just e-mail it to HireForge. That's it. Seriously.


Stop sifting through old e-mails. Keep track of tasks, interview feedback, and hiring documents without breaking a sweat.


Make a decision based on a clear overview of the information you've collected. Not a good fit right now? Just archive for later.

How does hiring work at your company today?

Chances are you're not meeting people on the street and offering them a job.

Most companies spend enormous amounts of time evaluating candidates, browsing through piles of resumes, interviewing the best people, collecting feedback from the team, and (finally) making a decision about whether to hire someone.

It's a complicated process, and keeping everything organized is far from easy. But you still need to find the best people.

This is incredibly important for small teams. And even more so for teams that are growing quickly.

The first few hires will have the most impact on the culture of your company. But you don't have time to sift through 200 e-mails to find this guys resume. You don't have time to chase after your team to get interview feedback. You can't afford to accidentally mix-up feedback of one candidate with another.

And you can't afford a mis-hire.

HireForge let's you define your hiring process, and then gets out of the way and lets you follow it. And it comes pre-loaded with hiring processes used in start-ups, big companies, VC firms, and many more.

What if you're hiring process looked like this:

Resume review

Run over the candidates resume.

Check whether they have the right skills and experience for the position.

Phone screen

Get to know the candidate.

Check for omissions or exaggerations on the resume, and get a feel for whether they are a cultural fit.

In-person interviews

Sit down one-on-one with several peers and future manager.

Check for ability in required skills, critical thinking, ability to apply experience, eagerness and excitement about the position, how fast they can learn new skills.


Determine a fair balance of cash, equity, and perks.

Compensation will vary by experience, ability, and personal requirements.


Now you have to on-board the new person...

We can't help you there... yet.

"That's (kind of) how we hire..."

Sound like you? Great. No? That's still fine. Whatever process you're using, HireForge makes it incredibly easy to stick to it.

HireForge gives you tons of great things that are difficult to get from a spreadsheet.
  • Get a clear high-level overview of your hiring pipeline
  • See statistics about each stage of the process
  • Assign tasks to other people (interview feedback, etc)

What if all you had to do was set up your process?

And let HireForge keep you on track..

Set up your process

It's really easy. We promise.

Just decide which open positions you have, and choose what the different "steps" or "tasks" are for each position.

Invite your co-workers

Because it's no fun if you're all alone.

HireForge is priced based on your hiring needs, not your team size. Feel free to invite as many people as you want.

Start tracking candidates

It's simple, just forward e-mail some resumes you like.

You can create candidate profiles in a web browser also, but e-mailing is just so quick and easy!

With HireForge handling all the hard work, you can focus on finding and hiring the best people.